Frequent questions

Do you ship to all of Mexico?

Yes, we ship to all of Mexico, except in the case of some communities where the parcel does not arrive, the package will be sent to the nearest city and is collected at the courier service facilities.

Are the bases removable?

Yes, we send the bases disassembled so that the packages are more compact, also so that they take up less space when storing them, when the bases are small they are sent fixed.

How do I know my order will arrive?

We have been in the market for more than 10 years, our mission is the satisfaction of our customers to achieve recurring sales and that you recommend us, if the cash option does not convince you, you can pay through PAYPAL and thus have the support of another company that will monitor our compliance. Likewise, when paying with a debit or credit card, Conekta monitors our compliance. You can also visit the Opinions section on facebook to find out what customers say about us

Does my package arrive at my home or parcel offices?

If your city does not have a forced occurrence, it arrives directly at the address you provide us, if it is considered an isolated area it will arrive at the nearest city.

How can I buy?

In the Store section you will find our best-selling items, add them to the cart and fill out the form with your information to send your base, you can pay through PAYPAL; debit or credit card or choose the cash option to pay in OXXO or Banamex. *From your deposit the base reaches you from 11 to 13 days*. You can buy through Facebook, sending us an inbox with your complete information, we will provide you with the information for deposit or transfer and by that same means you send the deposit form, that same method is used through our email:

Are your prices in pesos or dollars in your virtual store?

All prices are expressed in Mexican pesos. If an invoice is required, 16% VAT is added.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash deposit in Banamex, Oxxo or Telegrafos (with the card number), transfer and payments with debit or credit card, as well as payment through PAYPAL. Banamex Elsa Maria Fuentes Branch: 7009. Account: 3068244 Card number: 5204167356429894 CLABE: 002312700930682445

Do you make designs on request?

Yes, we need you to send us an image or sketch of the design you want, either by inbox on Facebook or to our email:, if the design is similar to the pieces we handle, we will gladly notify you of the cost, a 50% deposit must be made to start it, once finished we will send the image for your approval and deposit the remaining 50%.

Do you ship to the United States?

Yes, we have many satisfied customers in the United States, the shipping prices vary depending on the model you choose, in some cases if they are bases of 3 or 5 cakes we can send 2 bases in the same package to reduce costs, if you are interested in some models and you live in the US please fill out the contact section commenting on the bases you would like or send us an inbox on Facebook to give you the total cost with shipping.

How can I pay for a base if I live in the United States?

You can deposit in Banamex, make a shipment through Western Union, Money Gram or pay with Paypal (this option has an additional 3% to the total cost of the base plus shipping)


All our bases are carefully prepared, we always pack them realizing that they go as well as possible, in the event that on the way to your home they are mistreated by the treatment of the parcel, we ask you to send us photos of the package and of the defect in the base and send them to us within the next 24 hours so that we can communicate it to the parcel (after this time we will not be able to answer for defects in the base) and while we adjust the terms with courier we will replace either the part that was It has damaged or the complete base if necessary, if we do not have the base at that moment we will immediately prepare it and send it so that you have it as soon as possible. We ask that you open it as soon as you receive the package and in case of requesting bases with LED light, open it with special care, do not use knives or the like as you could damage the LED strip when doing so.