About Marbade

We are pioneers in creating large-scale steel bases for cakes, we ship to all of Mexico and the United States

Our history

We are a Mexican company born from the need to offer a functional alternative for pastry chefs. We noticed the lack of a product that would cover the needs that its similar ones were not achieving, wooden bases are unhygienic, wood in contact with food can create certain types of fungus, and it is also necessary to decorate these types of bases, which implies time and money. Acrylic bases are expensive and easily scratched and easily lose their aesthetics.

We help fulfill dreams.

Our mission was to design structures that had a beautiful design and that at the same time supported the weight of the desserts or cakes so that pastry chefs only worry about making their delicious creations. When you arrive at the event, you only place your cakes on the bases and immediately your product becomes the protagonist of the event. The idea is to satisfy end customers by making their event unforgettable. At Marbade we not only make metal structures, we help fulfill dreams that remain in the memory of the celebrants, family and friends.

We are so good that there are already replicas of our designs and they even identify them with our names, however, we are the pioneers in creating large-scale steel bases and offering them in a disassembled mode to be shipped throughout Mexico and the United States. We are committed to our customers, we know the needs of confectioners, so our designs are always guaranteed and we are sure you will love them.

We are expanding our catalog to support decorators and florists. We want to be the first in your mind when planning events in Mexico, come closer, we surely have something for you.


At Marbade we constantly innovate and remain at the forefront, adding to our bases, light, rhinestones, ribbon, our commitment is to offer you different bases, unique and special products that differentiate you from your competition.

  • Mission:

    Offering products of great design and functionality for the creators and providers of social events, we are Mexican artisans focused on facilitating and beautifying the work of pastry chefs, pastry chefs, florists, and decorators.

  • Visión:

    To be a leading company in the manufacture of decorative structures that meet the needs of suppliers and creators of social events nationwide.