Returns & Exchanges

Guaranteed cake bases

We make all our bases by hand with great attention to detail.

From our extensive experience, we know that accidents can occur in the shipping process, so you have 48 hours, once you receive the package, to check your base and in case you have a light, connect it, to report any incident, send us a photo to our email with the evidence and we will give you a solution.

With Marbade your bases
are guaranteed!

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Exchange and Return Policies.

Once the purchase is made, no money refund can be made. Any situation that arises due to change or return must be notified by email, sending a description of the problem or reason for the return, photo in case of factory failure, copy of your purchase order. You have 48 hours from receipt of your order to open it and verify that it is well after those 48 hours, no refund guarantee will be offered.

If a factory defect occurred, we will send a guide for the damaged base to be taken to the parcel branch and we will send a new base at no additional cost. Returns of products not purchased on our website are not accepted.